Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Town Office located?

The Town Office is located at 141 Main Street, Haydenville.  Parking is in the rear of the building off High Street behind the Haydenville Congregational Church.

What is the Town's official website?

What is the phone numbers for the local post offices?

Williamsburg (413) 268-7274

Haydenville (413) 268-7280

Goshen (413) 268-3626

Where is the transfer station?

The transfer station is located at 27 Mountain Street in Haydenville.  The hours are Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 am until 4 pm.

Where can I get a recycling bin?

The transfer station has recycling bins.  There may be a small charge.

What do I do with old paint?

Latex paint can be dried out (solidify with kitty litter) and placed in the trash.  Oil based paints and stains can be brought to the transfer station between May 1-October 1 and left for recycling if the gallon is more that 1/2 full.  If not, they may be brought to the Hazardous Collection Day.

When is Hazardous Collection Day?

Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative (HRMC) hold a hazardous waste collection day each year.  Pre-registration is required. They are usually held the first Saturday in November and are held in one of the member towns (there are 11).  Date & place are on the town's website once they are scheduled or you may contact the town office for more info.

 When do water & sewer bills come out?

Water and sewer bills are sent twice a year.  There is a spring and a fall billing.  Please note there is a $20. late fee if not paid within thirty days.

How much of the sewer and water service is the homeowners responsibility?

The homeowners responsibility runs from the water or sewer tie-in at the curbstop to the house.  Meters are owned by the town and meters that freeze up will be charged to the homeowner.  A $5. meter rental fee is added to your bill.  Access to the meter must be made available if requested by the water and sewer commission.  Meters are usually located in your basement where the water line comes into the house. 

I have an unusually high water/sewer bill.  What can the problem be?

If you have an unusually high bill, you may have a leak. There could be a leak in some water-using device in your home, such as a toilet, faucet, sprinkler system, washing machine, etc. that could be causing more than the usual amount of water to be consumed. You want to check your meter and possibly call a licensed plumber to check your pipes and other water using devices.  Leaks are the responsibility of the property owner.  Excess usage billing is your responsibility.

I am selling my property, how do I obtain a final meter reading and final water and sewer bill?

All requests for a final water reading must be in writing and submitted to the Town Collector.  It must include the buyer and seller along with the attorneys and a check for $25.00 made out to the "Town of Williamsburg".  Please allow 7-10 days for processing.

What is the penalty for not paying your water and/or sewer bill?

If your bill is not paid by the due date, interest and a $20. late fee will be added.  A "demand" bill will be sent.  If the bill remains unpaid, the bill will be liened on the properties real estate tax bill and the possibility of a tax taking being conducted against the property and the town reserves the right to terminate water and/or sewer service.

My water and/or sewer bill is estimated.  Why?

Occasionally a meter can fail.  If a proper reading cannot be obtained, an estimated bill will be sent based on an average of previous sent bills for that property. Arrangements will be made to change out a failed meter.

Does the Town add fluoride to the Town water supply?

Fluoride is not added to our Town water.

Does the Town have sand available for residents in the winter?

Sand is available for residents at the Town Highway garage at 24 Main Street in Williamsburg.  Please bring your own bucket and shovel. You need to fill the bucket yourself.  

How do I report a pothole and get it fixed?

Call the highway department at 413-268-8405

Can I push snow from my property onto the sidewalk or street?

No. A Town Ordinance restricts this act. This also increases the Town's cost for snow operations.

Why is my street not plowed first?

The streets are plowed in a set order to maximize efficiency, expediency, and the towns resources.  The main roads are generally treated and plowed first, then the secondary roads.

How do I report property damage from a town plow truck?

Please contact the highway department at (413) 268-8405.  Any approved repairs will be done in the spring at a time when manpower and equipment are available.  

How do I report a blocked catch basin?

Contact the town highway department at (413) 268-8405 and leave your name, phone number and nearest address for the catch basin.  Residents can assist public works by clearing debris off catch basin grates, cleaning up debris along the curb in front of their property, and never putting leaves, grass clippings and other yard waste into a catch basin. 

How do I report a missing stop sign or street sign?

Please call the town highway department at (413) 268-8405 or the Town Administrator at (413) 268-8418 and leave your name, phone number and where the sign is missing from. 

Where do I check for power outage information?