Williamsburg Municipal Aggregation

*******************PUBLIC NOTICE*******************




The Town of Williamsburg is pleased to announce that Dynegy Energy Services (“Dynegy”) has been selected as the supplier for its Community Choice Power Supply Program (“Program”). Dynegy will provide electric power supply for all consumers participating in Williamsburg’s Program. This Program supports renewable energy as 100% of the power supply is offset with National Wind Renewable Energy Certificates. This notice is intended to tell you about this Program for electric power supply. In accordance with state law, it also informs you of your rights and options if you choose not to participate in the Program.

YOU WILL NOT NOTICE ANY CHANGE IN YOUR ELECTRICITY SERVICE. You will see Dynegy printed under the “Supply Services” section of your monthly bill. You will continue to receive one bill from National Grid. You will continue to send your payments to National Grid for processing. National Grid will continue to respond to emergencies, read meters and maintain the distribution and transmission lines. Reliability and quality of service will remain the same. Furthermore, you will continue to have all existing consumer rights and protections.

LINK to Full Documentation with rates - CLICK HERE  

PARTICIPATING CONSUMERS will start benefiting from the aggregation rate beginning on the day of the month in May 2019 that their meter is read. This date varies by service area. Your meter reading date is shown on your bill.

IF YOU ARE A BASIC SERVICE CONSUMER WHO HAS BEEN MAILED A NOTIFICATION you do not need to take any action to participate. You will automatically be enrolled. If you do not wish to participate, please follow the instructions specified.

IF YOU WISH TO JOIN THIS PROGRAM you may OPT-IN at www.colonialpowergroup.com/williamsburg/ OR call Dynegy at (866) 220-5696 and ask to be enrolled.

IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO PARTICIPATE you must OPT-OUT at www.colonialpowergroup.com/williamsburg/, click the OPT-OUT button and follow the instructions specified OR call Dynegy at (866) 220-5696.

Colonial Power Group, Inc. is an energy consulting company chosen on a competitive basis by the Town of Williamsburg to facilitate the Community Choice Power Supply Program. For more detailed information, call us toll-free at (866) 485-5858 ext. 1.