Shade Tree Committee / Tree Warden

Duties & Responsibilities

The Tree Committee completes three or four tree surveys a year. We drive around town and evaluate town trees that have been brought to our attention as possibly being hazardous. Through a point system, we determine the likelihood of a tree failing in the near future. We use this information to prioritize tree removal. A town tree is defined as any tree within the town right-of-way. Often that is within 25 feet of the center of the road. A stonewall or property pin can take precedence for determining a town tree.

Another important part of our work is tree replacement. The committee feels that it is just as necessary to replace trees that have to be removed. We will be looking for places to replant trees this spring. Contact a tree committee member if you have a good idea for location.

The committee is also concerned about actions by well meaning citizens that may endanger town trees. These include piling mulch around the base of a tree, called mulch volcanoes. Cutting down town trees to install a driveway or enlarging a yard is also against state law. Sometimes these actions are taken to improve the health of a tree such as trimming dead branches. Please contact the tree committee if you have any questions.

Committee Members

Name Title
Anne Bussler Chair
John Kuzeja, Jr. Member
Osa Flory Member
Vacancy D Member
Vacancy E Member