Williamsburg Recycling

No charge to recycle the following:


  • Newspapers, magazines, circulars
  • Corrugated cardboard, brown paper bags, paper board boxes
  • Office/computer paper, colored paper
  • Phone books, clean pizza boxes
  • All junk mail and envelopes

Not Allowed: Egg cartons or waxed cardboard, holiday wrapping paper. These items may be disposed of in your bagged trash.

Flatten all boxes

Container Recycling

  • Tin cans (tuna, soup, etc)
  • Aluminum cans, pie plates, foil (clean only)
  • Glass bottles all colors
  • Milk cartons, juice boxes
  • All plastic containers (#1-#7 juice, soup, water, milk, etc)

Not Allowed: Window glass, aerosol cans, light bulbs, ceramics, plastic bags, Styrofoam. These items may be disposed of in your bagged trash.

Rinse and flatten all cartons

Paint Recycling

Containers half-full or more of latex paint, stain, or oil-based paint may be dropped off between May 15th and October 15th. Let attendant know you have some and ask where to deposit it.


You may deposit your yard clippings and leaves, but no food scraps or branches over 3 feet long or ½ inch thick. Compost bins are for sale at the transfer station for $25. We encourage you to compost all household garbage.


Salvation Army donation box available for clothing

Books, DVDs, CDs

Deposit these in the receptacle. No magazines: please deposit these in the paper trash bin


If you have a disposal need other than listed here, see the Attendant, or contact Kathleen Casey, H.R.M.C. at (413) 685-5498 or by email.