May 15, 2019 Minutes

Meeting date: 
Wednesday, May 15, 2019




Wednesday, May15th 2019


12:16 pm—01:12pm


COA Room 102, Town Hall Williamsburg

Plenary & Associate Members Present:

Dean Acheson, Jacqueline Dufresne [Chairman], Daria D’Arienzo, Jennifer Hoffman, Sherry Loomis, Gerry Mann, Margaret Ricci [recording secretary], Nancy Winninger, Maureen O’Brien


Carol Hendricks [12:25pm], Deborah Hollingworth



Next Meeting

Wednesday June 26th, 2019

Meeting Agenda:

#1. Jenn introduced the new Outreach Coordinator, Carol Hendricks and a guest, Deb.

#2. Outreach. Carol reviewed her first weeks’ introduction to Williamsburg.  She touched on the telephone calls, and food, and the most important, isolation, both personal and geographical.  Jenn showed a well-designed friendly flyer with Jenn’s contact information for seniors as a conduit to the Outreach program. Item 1.  Jenn mentioned that the taxes in Williamsburg are high as there is no large business nor industry to defray property taxes. This subject will eventually arise. As per a request from Maureen, Jenn will retrieve the link  to the document from Tufts University about Commonwealth town statistics.  Item 2.

#3. HVES. Jenn discussed the next important issue, the decision involving the monies distribution of Title III.  She is a member of the Personnel Committee and has been asked sit on the Title III committee; however, her time will be spent applying for a Title III grant, which emphasizes transportation.

#4.  Programming & Activities Report.

  1. Jenn mentioned the Prom, a gathering for a fun evening with 90 persons signed up.  
  2. At a separate time two musicians, James Kitchen and Duane Carlson will be serenading the seniors.
  3. There is a biweekly ukulele group that is quite successful. Running through June.
  4. The gardening plot was mentioned.  Maureen updated the status of how much Nick Dines facilitated the work delivered by the Boy Scouts.  A discussion involved acquisition of gardening tools, hoses, a rain barrel, and outdoor furniture.  Maureen will contact Rusty at the transfer station to hold any useable material for the garden.  The probable arrival of a bear and that the kitchen already is composing negated the use of a compost bin. A handwritten note will be sent to Nick and another to Lashway Lumber for its contribution.
  5. Support group is beginning for Alzheimer’s caretakers.  Sherry and Jenn will make local outings with the patients so that some relief can be enjoyed by the caretakers.
  6. A group for Aging in Place has been formed and will convene in June.
  7. Jenn is attempting to apply for a SNAP grant but is slowed down with the lack of clarity of the application, which requires contacting the agency.
  8. A mentor program, “Reaching out to Neighbors”, was discussed with Dean giving an example of a cooking exchange either one-to-one or in a group.  The difficulty in the program is to find a match for exchange of services.

#5. Other.

  1. Jacqueline called for acceptance of the minutes from the April meeting.  Nancy proposed; Daria seconded.  One abstention.  Approved.
  2. Jacqueline called for a review of members of the board for the following fiscal year. List was submitted.
  3. Jacqueline called for a motion to move the meeting of the 3rd week of the month of June to the following week.  Nancy proposed; Daria seconded.  Approved.
  4. Lisa Bertoldi had written a letter to the COA prompting a discussion on the future of the Williamsburg Market, whose owners are ready to retire.  Dean sits on a steering committee and will be the conduit to the COA.
  5. The COA will be buying farm shares.

#6. End of Meeting

Jacqueline called for a motion to adjourn.  Daria proposed; Nancy seconded. Unanimous. Adjourn.

Items & Handouts to minutes available in the COA office by appointment


Flyer for Outreach designed by Jenn


URL for Massachusetts town statics.


Letter from Lisa Bertoldi to COA


End Minutes.