Scholarships Available for Williamsburg & Haydenville Students and Adults

Dear Williamsburg Families with HRHS Seniors and College Students & Adults (below):

There are scholarships available for your students.  In March your student will be asked to fill out a scholarship application that makes them eligible for 22 scholarships.  The students must complete the online application by Friday, April 7th at 11:59 pm.  In addition to the application, students must update their Activity Resume on Naviance.  We also wanted to highlight the following scholarships that are specifically for students in Williamsburg or in the Hilltowns.  Please have your students take advantage of these scholarships!

HRHS Scholarship Application

Williamsburg Scholarships
Kristin Bauver Award$250Williamsburg or HaydenvilleTo a senior boy or girl from Williamsburg or Haydenville who will enter the armed services and has made most of opportunities at high school. If no armed services, then a business program. If no one from Williamsburg or Haydenville, then open to all seniors. (and a senior who will not receive other awards.)
Williamsburg Alumni Association Association Citizenship Award$250Chesterfield, Goshen, Westhampton or WilliamsburgAwarded to a senior who has been an active, caring student at HRHS and who is involved in their community. 
Williamsburg PTO$250Any senior from Williamsburg 
Williamsburg Lions Club Williamsburg or Haydenvillesenior from Williamsburg to plans to continue their education or enter the workforce
Sanderson Heath Award$150Highest Average English Dept.Student from Williamsburg who has achieved the highest standing in written and oral English
Bernier, Sandra Kmit Business Award$100Williamsburg or HaydenvilleThe senior who has attained the highest average in Business 
James Taylor Scholarship$150Hilltowns Onlysenior from the Towns of Williamsburg, Chesterfield,  Goshen or Westhampton who has been active in the athletic program
Earl F. Tonet AwardPlaque demonstrated ability in scholarship and athletics and has done  the most to promote and maintain athletics 
Earl and Lee Tonet ScholarshipmoneyChesterfield, Goshen, Westhampton, Williamsburg, WorthingtonRecipients will be 3rd/4th year full-time college students.  Information can be found at the Community Foundation of Western Mass website  Available beginning in spring of 2019.


College and Adult Scholarships:

2019 Women in Technology Scholarship - click here, for more information.