OPM Services

The Town of Williamsburg is seeking proposals for Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) services in accordance with M.G.L c. 149, section 44A 1/2, for a Public Safety Complex.  This contract consists of five phases.  Phase I is the initial study, which includes working with the OPM Steering Committee and requires reviewing work previously done and revising and updating facility programming and size under a construction budget of $2.5 million. Phase II is the design phase, which will include oversight of architectural and engineering work.  Phase III is construction bidding. Phase IV is construction. Phase V is close-out. Each phase is detailed in the scope of services.  A complete copy of the RFQ and access to all the documents may be accessed at the link below.

Public Safety Complex OPM RFQ - Click here

Addendum #1 - Clarify number of copies - click here

Access to Documents - click here

The Town of Williamsburg offices are located at 141 Main Street, Haydenville, MA.  The contact information for the Town Administrator / Chief Procurement Officer is 413-268-8418 or townadmin@burgy.org . Delivery by facsimile or other electronic means will not be accepted.

The Town Administrator must be notified if you are interested in responding to this RFQ so that all additional information can be sent to you.