Census 2020 Day is April 1, 2020


The Federal Census 2020 is coming. Every ten years a federal census is conducted to count all the people living in the US. April 1st is Census Day.

This mandatory count is required by the US Constitution. Everyone must be counted. This includes people of all ages, races, ethnic groups, citizens and non-citizens. The Census Bureau is bound by Title 13 of the United States Code. Federal Law protects the personal information you provide during the census. 

You will receive US Census Information prior to April 1, 2020. The Federal Census is different than the Street List you receive every year from the city or town you live in. The Federal Census counts everyone in all 50 States and territories. 

The US Census will send you a letter inviting you to go online and complete your census form that way if you can. Don't worry if you do not have internet access. You may complete your census by phone or on paper also. It will take approximately ten minutes to complete the questionnaire.  If you do not respond the US Census Bureau will send you a second form. Households who do not respond will be contacted by phone or in person by a census worker. 

The data collected during the Federal census will be used in determining federal money for your community and state, your community representation and planning decisions for your area. 

Census Data is protected. Your answers are protected by law, Title 13 of the United States Code, Section 9, and are kept confidential. It is illegal for any employee of the census bureau to share your information with any other federal or state agency including the IRS, local law enforcement, FBI, Health and Homeland Security (HHS), or ICE. Not even the President of the United States can access your individual responses. 

Census affects your voice in Congress, determines legislative districts, planning for your community re: roads, services, etc. 

For more info, click here

MA Census Website

2020 Federal Census Bureau Customer Service Center: 1-800-923-8282