What Is Community Solar?

What Is Community Solar?

Companies that own large numbers of solar panels ("farms"), offer the benefit of electricity produced to customers in a community at a reduced rate. These companies are able to offer the reduced rate through net metering credits they receive from the local utility (National Grid in Williamsburg's case).  

What Is Virtual Net-Metering?

Virtual (or group or neighborhood) net metering (now also called "shared renewables") allows utility customers to share the benefit of electricity output from a single power project, typically in proportion to their ownership of the shared system.

Community solar and virtual net-metering are good alternatives for those who want solar-produced electricity, but cannot purchase their own solar panels.

A representative from the companies below will be at the Energy Committee's presentation on community solar and virtual net-metering on June 11, 2016 at 10:00am in the Town Offices auditorium.

  • Hampshire Council of Governments
  • Bluewave Solar
  • Coop Power
  • Clean Energy Consortium