Transportation Program

PVTA Shopping Van on Tuesdays. Pickups at your home beginning at 9:00am. Trip to Northampton: Stop and Shop, River Valley Market, any shops in Big Y Plaza or visit Rockridge or Linda Manor. Or ask if you want to go elsewhere. Leave for home about 11:30am. Call Senior Center (413-268-8407) for pick-up and discount tickets.

Books of PVTA van tickets available for purchase at COA office, Room 102 Williamsburg Town Offices.

The COA has volunteer drivers for medical rides and necessary errands. The more notice you provide the more likely you will get a ride but no guarantees are made that we will, in fact, be able to get you a ride. We encourage people who have very important and/or frequent transportation needs like dialysis to use the PVTA van rather than rely on volunteer transportation.