Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes

The Town of Williamsburg operates on a fiscal year from July 1st through June 30th rather than a calendar year and payments are due quarterly. Preliminary taxes, based on the previous year's tax amount, are mailed prior to July 1st, and are payable on August 1st and November 1st. If those days fall on a weekend, the following Monday is the date they become payable.

Property values are approved by the state and the tax rate is generally set in the late autumn. Actual tax bills are mailed prior to January 1st and are payable February 1st and May 1st. Please note there is not a "grace period" beyond these dates. Postmarks are not considered payment in a timely fashion per Massachusetts General Law. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to ensure that tax bills arrive in the Collector's office on or before the due dates. If you use your banks "online" payments such as "home link", be aware that the town is actually sent a paper check. It may take up to two weeks for the Collector's office to receive the check from your bank.

Tax bills not paid timely will then start the tax title process and result in the town taking title to your property if not paid in full.

Checks should be made payable to the Town of Williamsburg. Please enclose the remittance portion of the bill to ensure proper credit. If you would like a receipt, enclose a self addressed and stamped envelope with both the taxpayer portion and the remittance portion of your bill along with your payment.

Tax payments can be made using the UNIBANK link. Credit card and debit card transactions are not available. Online payments can be accepted until midnight on the due date without incurring any additional charges.   Click Here to Make an Online Payment.

Please do not "post-date" personal checks. Checks are deposited daily. If a check is dishonored by a bank for any reason, a returned check fee plus applicable interest and charges may be added.

If you escrow your taxes with your bank or a mortgage company, please contact them to ensure that they have the correct tax information for your account. The Collector's office sends all original tax bills to the taxpayer. As the property owner, you are responsible for the tax obligations.

Applications for abatement can be obtained from the Assessors and must be returned to their office by no later than February 1st to be considered.