Emergency Planning / Preparedness

The Board of Health is working with the Mohawk Area Public Health Coalition (MAPHCO), our public health emergency planning agency, and the neighboring town of Goshen, to plan for public health emergencies such as flu pandemic, drinking or waste water emergencies, bioterrorism events, and other events that may require the mass distribution of antibiotics, vaccine, or supplies.

The Anne Dunphy School is likely to be the emergency dispensing site (EDS) for both towns, and mail distribution of an EDS brochure was accomplished for both towns in early 2009. Please read the brochure and become familiar with the concept of the EDS.

Volunteers are always needed to plan, practice, and execute emergency plans in town. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Health Agent at (413) 268-8404.

Additionally, we are stressing the importance of each household creating its own Family Disaster Plan in four steps:

  1. Consider how you and your family might handle specific emergencies such as a power outage, flood, hurricane or flu epidemic.
  2. Create a plan to address such emergencies should they affect you.
  3. Set aside a 3-day emergency supply of food and water, as well as other emergency supplies such as batteries, blankets, etc. for your family. Also include important phone numbers, information about prescription medication, and other necessary information in a family "Go-Kit" should you be asked to evacuate on short notice.
  4. Practice your plan, maintain your supplies, and keep up to date with your community plan.

There are several excellent Disaster Planning Kits available on the Massachusetts Health and Human Services website.

You can get free family publications by writing to: FEMA, P.O. Box 70274, Washington, D.C. 20024. Ask for "Are You Ready? Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit and Emergency Food and Water Supplies".