Town of Williamsburg, Massachusetts
141 Main St., P.O. Box 447, Haydenville, MA 01039-0447
ph: (413) 268-8400
fx: (413) 268-8409
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
The following items are considered household hazardous waste and may be submitted for collection at the Annual Household Waste Collection Day sponsored by the Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative in October or November.  Watch for the posting on this website, at the transfer station, the local newspaper, and signs in and around town.

Fertilizers and pesticides
Engine cleaner & solvents
Pool chemicals
Gas treatments
Charcoal lighting fluid, butane lighters
Spot and stain removers 
Paints & stains
Oven cleaners
Thinners & lacquers
Furniture wax and polish        
Creosote and mineral spirits
Car wax and polish
Glues and adhesives
Drain cleaners  
Photographic chemicals
All aerosols    
Mercury switches and thermostats
Bathroom cleaners
Fluorescent bulbs and ballasts **
Motor oil and transmission fluid
Paint cleaners

**As of March 1, 2009 we are accepting fluorescent light bulbs at the transfer station. Ask the Attendant about where to dispose of the following:  compact fluorescent bulbs, fluorescent tube up to 8 ft long, circular & U-shaped fluorescent bulbs.