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Questions regarding Flat Rate Accounts Upgrading to Meter
There have been some questions regarding the letter that was sent to all falt rate accounts of the water &/or  sewer users.  Here are some answers to the questions being asked.

I have my own well water.  Does this pertain to me?  Yes.  We will be requiring all users of the town water and/or sewer system to have a meter installed.  Even if you have a well, we will be metering the water for your sewer bill.  We will not be charging you for the water if you only are using the town sewer system.  The only way we can measure the usage is by metering your water.  
Why is this change being made in the first place versus staying flat rate for sewer only customers?
This change is being made to have a more uniform billing system for all users.  Some users will have a lower bill due to the change and some may have a higher bill. You will be billed for your actual usage. Since we are changing all meters in town, we felt this was the time to implement the change regarding flat rates.

What is the average, estimated cost range of having a meter installed?
The cost will vary depending on which plumber you use.  The materials will be minimal ( a few fittings) as we will be providing the meter.  It should only take approximately 1 hour to install.  If your plumbing is outdated, it may be more as there may be pipes that need to be replaced.  We recommend you get estimates from several plumbers if you do not have a regular plumber you use.  

Since our sewer bills will now be based on water usage, what will the rate or cost/gallon for sewer -only users be?  
The costs will be the same as users who already have meters installed.  We charge per 100 cubic feet.  The costs are $3.50/100 cu ft for sewer and $5.40/100 cu ft. for water.  If you have sewer only, you will only be charged for the sewer costs.  

How does this rate compare to the current rate for water and sewer customers?
The bills for customers that have water and sewer have the bill broken down for water usage and sewer usage.  The billing will be the same for sewer or water only users.  They will  be billed for sewer only if they only use the town sewer. Same if they only have town water and have a flat rate.  

What will the billing cycle be once this change is implemented in October?  
The billing will remain the same for now (spring and fall billing).  We do reserve the right to change that in the future.  

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